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the francois mitterrand strip by mutabilis paysage et - the francois mitterrand strip is a major historic site for the city of rennes constructed in 1682 it came to being at the foot of ramparts and dominated the swampy confluence of the ille and vilaine rivers, rio favela facts catalytic communities catcomm - urbanism favelas are places increasingly recognized by planners and architects for their low rise high density development pedestrian orientation, joe sobran recovered from the ashes the american - joe sobran recovered from the ashes the conservative great tied himself to a stake and lit a match but that doesn t mean we don t have much to learn from his work, ralph peters the man too militaristic for fox news the - last week retired army colonel ralph peters quit his post at fox news where he d been a longtime fixture peters had become known for his impassioned commentaries against russian appeasers critics, reframing the latino immigration debate towards a - reframing the latino immigration debate towards a humanistic paradigm alvaro huerta juan g mez qui ones antonio turok on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers, india the marathas britannica com - india the marathas there is no doubt that the single most important power to emerge in the long twilight of the mughal dynasty was the maratha confederacy, welcome to houston texas still america s economic miracle - who needs 100 oil texas still has more jobs more manufacturing lots of high tech light regulation no state income tax and lots of room to spread out, amazon com le corbusier a life 9780375410437 nicholas - le corbusier a life is a most comprehensive biography of the renowned architect from his birth in 1887 to his demise in 1965 mr weber covers his life in a personal way from correspondence with his mother brother paramours and clients, shutdown showdown catallaxy files - this is the deal the democrats won t allow the federal government to pay its bills unless the republicans allow in enough illegal migrants so that republicans can never again win a presidential election if it weren t for pdt you know how it would go but there is pdt so we shall see from, open forum february 22 2014 catallaxy files - makes you wonder if it is the media itself that makes them that way or whether they were damaged to begin with and simply sought out like minded souls